The boys kick it Ancient Greece style once more, discussing Aristophanes' uproarious comedy The Clouds. Bouncing off a reader question, they discuss w...View Details

In the first non-Middlemarch episode of the season, the boys tackle Voltaire's fast paced picaresque Candide, and think through issues of humor, how f...View Details

This is it: the final episode on George Eliot's Middlemarch. In this episode the boys tie up some loose ends, ruminating a little more on acts of the ...View Details

The boys get weird as they peer into the furthest recesses of George Eliot's midlands world. In this episode, covering Books V + VI of Middlemarch, th...View Details

The boys head back to Middlemarch to keep exploring. After an interesting reader comment comparing the book's characters to those in Twin Peaks, they ...View Details

The boys are back in town! In the first episode of Season 2, the Bastard Sons of Hegel discuss the first two books of George Eliot's Middlemarch. Frie...View Details

Season 2 Sneak Preview

Søren breaks down the coming attractions of Season 2 of The Readers Karamazov, which is anchored in George Eliot's magnum opus Middlemarch. Included i...View Details

With Karl on break, Friedrich and Søren discuss a book they'd both hoped to force him to read: Anthony Trollope's Victorian novel The Warden. They tal...View Details

Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam

In this episode the boys tackle Ian McEwan's Amsterdam, a story of obsession, friendship, and, most importantly, music. They discuss whether or not Mc...View Details

It's sci-fi redux this week on TRK, as the boys tackle Ursula K. Le Guin's "ambiguous utopia" The Dispossessed. That means plenty of talk about anarch...View Details

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