Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam

In this episode the boys tackle Ian McEwan's Amsterdam, a story of obsession, friendship, and, most importantly, music. They discuss whether or not Mc...View Details

It's sci-fi redux this week on TRK, as the boys tackle Ursula K. Le Guin's "ambiguous utopia" The Dispossessed. That means plenty of talk about anarch...View Details

In this episode, the boys discuss a Friedrich pick, John Fowles' 1963 debut novel The Collector. Going beyond the (admittedly fascinating) set up of a...View Details

Euripides’ The Bacchae

In this episode, the boys tackle Søren's favorite Greek tragedy, Euripides' The Bacchae, a story of gods, wine, and madness. They try to work themselv...View Details

Pods... in... space...The boys are back and discussing their first foray into sci-fi, Samuel Delany's trippy, tricky Trouble on Triton. Karl explains ...View Details

In this episode, the boys discuss Friedrich's first book pick: Shūsaku Endō's 1969 masterpiece Silence. They talk about secularism, syncretism, arroga...View Details

In this episode, Karl and Soren are finally joined by long lost brother Friedrich, the third bastard son of Hegel, to discuss the work of philosopher/...View Details

In this movie episode, originally only for patrons, Karl and Soren discuss Pixar's groundbreaking film Toy Story. Karl has some very strong thoughts: ...View Details

In Episode 5, Karl and Søren discuss James Baldwin's classic novel Giovanni's Room. They talk literary liberalism, guilt and shame, the importance of ...View Details

In this final discussion of The Brothers Karamazov, Karl and Søren discuss Smerdyakov and Ivan's sinister relationship, who's really to blame for Big ...View Details

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